Upcoming Events

CIO Energy Summit

August 27 - 28, 2015
A forum for innovative IT thought leaders in Energy The energy industry is headed toward a recovery, despite the volatile and ever-changing environment that has affected markets over the past few years. CIOs and IT executives are in a position to identify growth opportunities within their organizations and invest in new technologies that will bolster efforts to grow the bottom line. By leveraging IT solutions, technology executives can create competitive advantage in a packed marketplace and

CIO Utilities Summit

August 27 - 28, 2015
Innovative Business Technology Discussions for Utilities Organizations For leaders in the Utilities Industry, it is critical to develop best practices and keep up with new technologies. With a focus on energy conservation and cost saving, utility industry professionals have been able to utilize IT advancements to reach their goals. The CIO Utilities Summit will bring together C-level IT executives and innovative thinkers in the utilities industry to brainstorm, strategize and discuss industry

TECH Coast Conference

August 28, 2015
The City of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Chamber IT Council and the Florida State College of Jacksonville are showcasing and promoting the culture of innovation and creativity, talent and expertise and the growing concentration of IT business that advance Jacksonville as a dynamic hub for technology development and employment. Our Mission: Provide a forum for local businesses, IT decision makers, technology innovators from around the world and the skilled local talent pool to present,

IMPACT Business & Leadership Summit

August 28, 2015
This full-day event features world-renowned business speakers and intriguing panel discussions about current issues affecting the world of entrepreneurship and fostering sustainable growth in your own business environments. The event will also feature the opportunity to network with many of Central Florida's most high-profile business leaders. Learn more>>>

Environmental Monitoring of Cleanrooms and Adjacent Areas

August 28, 2015
Environmental monitoring of cleanrooms and adjacent areas is a critical component of a company's contamination control strategy and is required for regulatory compliance. Participants in this course will be introduced to the principles of environmental monitoring including hands-on activities. Topics encompass regulatory requirements, types and sources of contamination, cleanroom classifications, sampling methods and frequencies,and interpretation of environmental testing results.j Learn


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