The Medicine of Energy: Biofields & Cellular Regeneration Workshop

Date: October 21, 2017

Over the past few decades, major institutions (biologists and physicists) around the world have documented what we have known all along; the human body is a conductor of energy and has a detectable energy field. In fact, the electromagnetic field of the heart is detectable 12-15 feet away from the body. In a state of disease, the energy flows differently than in a state of health. At the cellular level a change in energy flow is the first detectable sign of a disease. So, this field affects all diagnosisand all medical interventions. It is the very heart of the communication system which carries messages throughout the body. When the system is blocked, health is compromised and so are our interventions. When it is connected and communication between organs is intact, health is optimal and our interventions are more effective. Correcting any disturbances in the energy flow plays a key role in achieving a rapid and sustainable return to health. In this seminar learn about how the bio-energetic field relates to disease conditions, diagnosis and treatment and steps you can take now to correct your energy field.

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