National Academies of Science & Engineering Medicine: Revitalizing the University-Industry-Government Partnership

Date: November 15, 2017

Creating New Opportunities for the 21st Century

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will convene leaders of business and industry, federal and state government, higher education, and other sectors of society for an intense discussion of strategies for revitalizing the role of our nation’s research universities in educating creative workers and leaders for the 21st century; advancing our nation’s health care, food production, and national security capacities; serving the needs of all citizens in their local communities through outreach and extension; and stimulating innovation and growth in business and industry.

Please plan to join us for a day of dynamic presentations and stimulating conversations aimed at:

Restoring the central role of research universities in our nation’s economic, social, and cultural growth and advancement.

Strengthening the partnerships between research universities and the essential sectors of our nation that produce economic growth, protect our health and well-being, and support our national security.

Ensuring that the workforce of the 21st century can meet the demands of a changing economy and can produce the innovation we need to remain the most vital economy and society in the world.

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