SBIR/STTR Cost Proposal Preparation Workshop

Date: March 28, 2018

 This could be the most importantest workshop you have ever attended. If you don’t understand Federal government accounting and cost proposal concepts, then you are going to lose money on your SBIR/STTR projects—and sometimes it can be $$big bucks$$ that you are losing, which means you’ll have to unnecessarily strain your company’s resources to pay your bills and stay in business. Invest a day with us; we will teach you the jargon, show you how to develop your company’s indirect (aka F&A) rate, and then use that rate to create a defensible cost proposal in which you will not lose money. We also will talk about everyone’s favorite topic (gulp), government audits. And we will do all of this in a lively and entertaining manner! Can’t believe that’s possible? Then attend and see for yourself. Contact for more information or to register.