Spring Intelligence Symposium

Date: April 18 - 19, 2018
The newly issued National Security Strategy (NSS) defines the Nation’s goals and priorities.  It discusses domestic and international “pillars” which are heavily dependent upon “peace through strength” across all instruments of national power, to include a strong military.  The Strategy is dependent upon intelligence for warning and accurate assessments of rapidly evolving events to “pursue threats to their source.”  These needs will challenge existing capabilities and require rapid development of new capabilities as technology and other factors  change the threat equations and new threats arise.  
The Spring Symposium will provide the opportunity for Government, industry and academia to discuss the implications of the NSS and the challenges and new opportunities it presents for intelligence practitioners.  The threat spectrum is large and fueled by technologies that provide capabilities to a broad variety of actors intent on doing damage to U.S. interests.  Countering these threats will take the combined might of the U.S. Government, academia and industry.  The Spring Symposium offers the forum for dialogue on how we can organize our efforts to succeed together.