Smart Manufacturing Summit

Date: June 6 - 7, 2018

The age of smart manufacturing requires new ways of leading. At the 2018 Smart Manufacturing Summit, we’ll challenge you to think differently and move beyond what’s comfortable. We’ll recharge your imagination as you engage with some of most innovative industrial minds of our time. 

Co-Hosted by Honda, the Chief Executive 2018 Smart Manufacturing Summit is for manufacturing CEOs looking to: 

- Create a fearless culture of constant learning and innovation 

- Embrace new digital technologies from IoT to AI intelligently

- Attract and develop extraordinary leaders for their company

- Create growth and profitability in a tumultuous time

- Be inspired and challenged by peer CEOs from across the nation

This event is limited to just 250 C-Level participants and promises unparalleled insights, networking opportunities and exclusive tours of Honda manufacturing facilities. 

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