Value-Driven & Adaptive Planning Workshop

Date: July 23 - 24, 2018

The accelerated rate of change brought about by the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous nature of today's world requires a value driven, iterative, and adaptive approach to requirements and planning.

This popular, hands-on workshop offers participants the first-hand knowledge, experience, and confidence to tackle the requirements and planning of products, solutions, and services using an Agile, value driven and adaptive approach. This 2-day experiential journey has participants working through a real-world problem to learn creative, collaborative and engaging techniques to take it from a vision to valuable outcomes - using short feedback loops and an adaptive, iterative and incremental approach.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore how to take a value driven approach to ensure faster time to market and customer delight.
  • Recognize the roles of Product Manager, Product Owner and Business Analyst in discovering and communicating value.
  • Identify the Product Ownership model that may be best suited for your organization.
  • Articulate how an adaptive planning approach affects all layers of the planning cycle.
  • Learn how to effectively elicit requirements and manage stakeholder expectations.
  • Practice effective planning techniques from vision to defining incremental value iteratively.
    • Develop the shared vision of the project / product.
    • Understand Users and Customers needs and wants using Personas and empathy mapping
    • Develop the product backlog using Impact Mapping & Story Mapping.
    • Uncover models to help with prioritization and tradeoffs.
    • Define an MVP and incremental value delivery.
    • Progressively elaborate on user stories in a just in time manner.
    • Incorporate effective feedback loops to ensure you are building the right thing.
  • Apply effective techniques to manage and track discovery work.

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