EDGE 2018 American Telemedicine Association

Date: September 26 - 28, 2018

EDGE 2018 is the foremost access point for healthcare leaders and innovators focused on to being defining (or refining) your organization’s growth strategy incorporating virtual care.

The purpose of Edge is to help you innovate, think bigger, & learn from each other. Attendees will walk away inspired with new ideas, learn what their competitive Edge is and gain insight on how to optimize it.

Our new vision and goal is to change the story around virtual care and our events will reflect that.  We will curate content and experiences that will be designed to shed new light on timely topics in virtual care and focus on the why.

Starting with EDGE 2018 the theme will be how to begin defining (or refining) an organizations’ growth strategy to incorporate telehealth. We’ll respond to questions like “what is the promise of innovative technology?”, “what is the pathway to success?”  and “how does each piece fit together?” Through short talks, interactive sessions, and fun our attendees will walk away with concrete and actionable solutions to push their organization and the industry forward.

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