HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit

Date: October 23 - 26, 2018

In modernizing HR Service Delivery for the digital workforce, there has been a visible shift away from emphasizing productivity and efficiency towards a focus on optimizing the employee experience.
This fall HR practitioners will convene in Orlando to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for:

  • Improving accessibility: HR organizations struggle to provide the level of on-demand, instantaneous fulfillment that employees have come to expect in a digital age. Self-service portals built on responsive and instinctive UI, and populated with searchable knowledge base, go a long way towards providing complete and consistent employee experience from any device.
  • Closing the gap between traditional HR interfaces and employees’ desire for “consumer grade” customer experiences at work: high touch, personalized service is now the norm in the age of Amazon and Netflix, but replicating that kind of service within HR represents numerous technological challenges as well as bandwidth demands that many organizations simply cannot accommodate. We’ll pay particular attention to strategies for increasing capacity without blowing your budget.
  • Employee feedback, insights, and metrics: HR is uniquely positioned to make a big impact on employee engagement at all levels and create an environment where people are motivated to do their best work, feel fulfilled in their job, and proudly represent the brand—all while supporting the company’s success.

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