Webinar: Preparing University Start-Ups for Angel Investments

Date: January 16, 2019Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location:  Webinar

Preparing University Start-Ups for Angel Investments: A Best Practice Webinar

A typical angel investor is approached by hundreds of companies seeking funding, and even the best ideas can get overlooked without a well-crafted pitch and the right preparation.

University start-ups can jump to the head of the pack if they understand and leverage their advantages over other new ventures, while also preparing effectively for the due diligence process.  And tech transfer professionals can play a pivotal role in helping their start-up teams secure critical early-stage cash while avoiding common mistakes during due diligence that can cause once-eager investors to put away their checkbooks.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics, is sponsoring this critical webinar designed to help co-founders of early-stage start-ups prepare themselves for fundraising from angel investors:

Join Michael D. Stein, a seasoned angel investor/advisor and IP attorney with Baker Hostetler LLP, when he discusses the key factors angels typically consider when screening start-up opportunities, how to identify and address their sweet spots, and how to ace the due diligence process and get the funding needed to launch and plot a course for growth. Here is a sneak peek at the program agenda:

  • Key factors considered by angel investors when choosing their investments
  • How to “de-risk” your technology for investors
  • The TTO’s role in prepping start-ups for angel funding
  • What to expect in the term sheet and how to manage founder expectations
  • Preparing your start-up for due diligence and avoiding common mistakes
  • Keys to attracting angel investment for life sciences start-ups
  • How to build and maintain strong TTO-angel relationships
  • Best practices for working with university-affiliated angel groups

Plus, get your questions answered during the live, interactive Q&A portion of the program!