CHRO Exchange: Thriving in the Era of Change

Date: January 27 - 29, 2019

The role of the CHRO has vastly expanded beyond employee services and talent attraction to become a wide-spanning, C-Suite role that must directly connect HR efforts to tangible business outcomes.

Today’s CHRO exists in a world where digitization has ushered in constant upheavals in technology adoption and workforce structure. As companies expand their reach into a global portfolio of markets, they will need a highly agile workforce, ready to work in teams, upskill on a frequent basis and collaborate across continents. The influx of Millennial and Generation Z employees requires that HR leaders comprehends the new values of a younger workforce that prizes self-designed career paths, seamless technology, digital collaboration and a flexible approach to work-life balance. work-life balance.

We welcome you to experience this one-of-a kind networking event, at our esteemed 10th Edition CHRO Exchange.

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