Understanding DOD Contracting & Development for Administering Awards

Date: February 25 - 26, 2019

Program Overview

Understanding federal DoD contracting and subagreements and developing best practices for administering those award mechanisms are important concepts to consider when determining what awards to accept at your institution. 

  • What are the risks to your institution to accept one award mechanism versus another?
  • How important are the terms and conditions when you are deciding what to accept, when to accept it and when to negotiate?
  • What are the challenges in accepting federal contracts.
  • Properly administering the awards includes developing best practices for the subagreements you issue to other institutions.
  • What terms should be added to the subagreement to mitigate the risks identified in the subrecipient risk assessment?
  • What processes could you implement at your institution to appropriately monitor subagreements?

Course Curriculum 

Module 01: Federal Contracting

  • What are the differences between grant/cooperative agreement and contract?
  • When is a contract mechanism appropriate?
  • What clauses, when, and why?

Module 02: Federal Flow Through Contracting

  • What type of organization is your sponsor?
  • Industrial Sponsor
  • Non Profit Sponsor
  • Considering and Mitigating risk?

Module 03: Subawards (Subgrants and Subcontracts)

  • What are subawards and when do you need one?
  • What are your institutions responsibilities when giving funds away?
  • The regulatory landscape around subawards
  • Uniform Guidance – risk assessment
  • Subcontract – what to flow down and why

Topics Included

  • Key concepts and terminology for federal contracts and subagreements
  • Regulations that determine the award’s content and applicability to your institution
  • Factors to consider when accepting the contract
  • Key Terms and Conditions and Flow Down requirements – mandatory flow down clauses versus negotiable clauses
  • Subrecipient risk assessment and subagreement monitoring

Intended Audience

This session is intended for mid-level research administrators and will also provide sufficient basic information to help those who are new to administering grants, contracts and subagreements.

The content will be organized around case studies and hands-on practice.

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