How to Use Videos to Boost Your Export Sales Webinar

Date: February 27, 2019Time: 11:00 am
Location:  Webinar

Video is an exporter's best friend! 
Cost-effective, videos can convey message quickly and accurately to your prospective buyers. 
Learn from experts how to use videos to boost your export sales.

  • Insights and opportunities:
  • Best videos for marketing and sales
  • Videos for prospective international buyers
  • Translating? Not always!
  • How to localize videos for better engagement
  • Re-using videos for international markets
  • Which video platforms work best for exporters?
  • Measuring success
  • Videos for websites and videos for marketing
  • Top tips and more…

Polls and surveys: 
Attendee participation and feedback

The presentation, polls, survey and lots more to grow your exports and business internationally

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