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InternetCoast's Florida Innovation Highlights is an information resource that provides analysis and insights on innovation and technology driven job creation and economic growth in South Florida and across the State. 

The purpose of Highlights is to provide a tool to stimulate dialogue to better understand South Florida and Florida’s innovation ecosystem, its impact on the competitiveness of industries, and opportunities to leverage innovation to stimulate job creation and economic growth.  

Florida Innovation Ecosystem Reports

Venture Capital Investments

Florida Venture Capital Highlights 2013 – 2017 (January 2018)

2017 Investment in Florida-based businesses increases to $2.6 billion

Report Tables

Florida Venture Capital Investments Compared to Other States, 2013 – 2017

2017 Investments In Florida-based Companies By Enterprise Florida Region

2017 Top Florida Venture Capital Investment Transactions

2017 Florida Investments by Industry Sector

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Research & Development

Analysis of Florida Academic R&D Expenditures 2013 - 2017

Florida academic institutions invested $2.6 billion in 2017 R&D activities, compared to $2.5B in 2016. Nationally, academic institution R&D expenditures were $75.2 billion in 2017, an increase of 4.7 percent from $71.8 billion in 2016. 

Report Highlights: 

Florida Institutions Ranked in the 2017 Top 100 U.S. Institutions Based on Total R&D Expenditures:  University of Florida (#25), University of South Florida (#42), University of Miami (#64), Florida State University (#82), & University of Central Florida (#98)

Top Enterprise Florida Regions Based on R&D Expenditures:  North Central ($801M), Southeast ($614M), & Tampa Bay ($569M)

Best Florida Institution R&D Expenditure Compound Annual Growth Rate, 2013 - 2017:  Florida Atlantic University (18%), University of Central Florida (17%), University of West Florida (16%), & NOVA (15%)

2017 R&D Headcount & Productivity:  Nationally Florida ranked 9th in total headcount and 24st in R&D expenditure per researcher

2017 State & Local Government Funding of R&D:  Florida ranked 4th compared to other States based on total R&D funding from state and local government, 30th on a per capita basis.

2017 R&D Expenditures Funded by Institution Revenue:  Florida ranked 6th compared to other States based on total R&D funding by institutions, 37th on a per capita basis.

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Workforce Talent Pipeline

Facts About Florida's High Tech Workforce - Jobs, Trends & Performance Benchmarks, 2009 - 2014 (October 2015)>>> 

Milken Institute Names 2015 Best-Performing Cities Index - Five Florida Cities Rank in Top 50 Best Performing Cities (December 2015)>>> 

South Florida STEM & High Tech Employment Report, 2009 - 2014>>>  

Foreign Direct Investment

Capital For Innovation - Foreign Direct Investments - $4.3 Billion Invested To Acquire, Establish, or Expand Florida Businesses in 2014 (December 2015)>>>  

SBIR/STTR Program 

SBIR/STTR Program Highlights 2008 -2012 (June 2015)>>> 

Enterprise Florida Regions


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