BLUEPRINT: AI & Automation - Preparing America's Next Frontier

Date: March 26 - 28, 2019

BLUEPRINT Reno was an incredible success and many of you asked for more BLUEPRINT events across the heartland. We are pleased to announce our next BLUEPRINT event in York, PA where the 4th Industrial Revolution is underway with advances in AI and robotics.

​Join us as we showcase regional tech success stories and discuss how the heartland can prepare in the age of AI and automation to build their workforce, attract capital and advance solutions for the 21st century.

Now is the time to build on the momentum created by our BLUEPRINT event in Reno and continue the conversation of how to expand prosperity into the heartland in partnership with high-growth tech companies, regional ecosystem builders, and investors.


  • THE ISSUE: The advancements of AI and automation and preparing the workforce to take on the jobs that will be needed to support these industries

  • THE SUCCESS STORIES: Companies who are delivering AI and automation solutions across America and finding/training the talent needed to grow

  • THE FUTURE: Convening around the priorities and real solutions that can be replicated across the country

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