Florida Tech & Innovation Summit

Date: September 24 - 25, 2019
Location:  Show map University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL

Everybody else is trying to develop a talent, a place, a connectivity, an innovation and a global strategy. What could make us unique or different is something that is already happening. It is about connecting at the speed of opportunities. Organizations, individuals, communities, public and private working together to think about tomorrow and aligning towards that.

All of us together moving towards a plan that is best for Florida. It’s not just about collaborating, but collaborating at the speed of opportunity. Because it’s the communities, the states, the organizations, and individuals, that ignore the opportunities that are right in front of them that are going to be left behind. And that happens in a nanosecond- not in a month or a year, or an election cycle. It is a day to day decision.

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