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State & Federal Grant Programs


The most challenging and time consuming task associated with the development of a business is raising capital for startup, testing or piloting an innovative idea, determining potential commercialization, and launching production and commercial operations.  Early stage funding sources include founders cash and debt, friends and family.... with angel and venture capital being extremely difficult to obtain.  

"BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES" is a portal designed to provide a straightforward view of funding opportunities from sources other than angel investors and venture capitalists.  The portal will include funding sources from Federal agencies, State of Florida, private sector, private equity, foreign investments, and more.  

The table below is a summary of sources of funds for R&D, proof of concept, business formation and expansion at the U.S., Florida, and South Florida level.  Learn more about R&D, venture capital, private equity, foreign direct investment, and SBIR/STTR program grants at the InternetCoast FLORIDA INNOVATION HIGHLIGHTS web page>>>.


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