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Published Monday, October 7, 2019

Director's Corner with NIST's Matt Scholl

Matt Scholl DC Blog Option 2

Welcome to the Director’s Corner! This new blog series is intended to give you special insight into the cybersecurity work we are so proud of accomplishing day in and day out. Each blog will cover a specific division at NIST in the Information Technology Laboratory with information about current projects, successes, upcoming work, and important announcements. The Director’s Corner will highlight how NIST’s cybersecurity, privacy, and information security-related projects are making a difference in the field and leading the charge to make positive changes. 

For our first post in this series, we interviewed Matthew Scholl, chief of the Computer Security Division (CSD). As head of CSD, he is responsible for leading the teams at NIST that are developing cybersecurity standards, guidelines, tests, and metrics to protect global information systems.

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